Worship in Context

Worship in Context explores the central claims of liturgical theology in critical dialogue with Australian perspectives.


This unit begins by outlining norms of Christian worship from across the tradition: a focus on Christ’s presence in Word and Sacrament, the communal nature of Christian worship, the role of presiders and worship leaders, and more. This unit then brings these norms into dialogue with the Australian context: the history of colonisation, contemporary Australian culture, First People’s theology, and the distinctive Australia Church scene. This dialogue makes clear the need to adapt some of the received norms of Christian worship. As a response to this dialogue this unit finishing by modelling a ‘talking back to the tradition.’ Here we begin to suggest some contributions to a liturgical theology and practice which engage the Australian context: proposing adjustments to/affirmations of/corrections to/renunciation of existing liturgical theology.


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Course code DL1010P/8030P
Instructor S Burns
Mode of Delivery Internal – Face to face
Semester 2 Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm