What are Classes at Pilgrim Like?

Whatever the particular style of your lecturer (or team of lecturers), material for our classes is presented to provoke thought and critical reflection, to engage
your imagination and to enable your understanding. All efforts are made to relate your learning to contemporary times and discern its significance for service to the world. Classroom learning will therefore be challenging, and inspiring as well. All the Pilgrim faculty keep up with developments in the field and undergo regular professional development to enhance their skills in delivering adult education. They employ new, creative, and innovative pedagogical styles and approaches to teaching and learning.

We offer weekly classes (of 3 hours in the morning, afternoon, or evening) throughout the semesters. Most classes are scheduled to meet weekly and hence meet face to face (student is required to physically attend a class on campus or location). You will also find that units are delivered in other modes:

External Online

Student is not expected to physically attend a class on campus or location.

These online units are delivered in the:

  • Synchronous mode: meet via Zoom at scheduled times
  • Asynchronous mode: where you access materials posted online at your own time. (Pilgrim does not currently offer any units in an asynchronous mode)


  • Intensives: synchronous learning that takes place via internal attendance in a learning environment that is primarily face to face over a specific time outside the normal academic calendar
  • Blended: multi-modal delivery methods undertaken partially on an internal mode of attendance and partially on an external mode of attendance
  • Supervised: the student attends the higher education provider on an agreed schedule for the purposes of supervision and/or instruction via synchronous learning

We recognise that these options can be a bit bewildering. The timetable will let you know the modes in which each unit is being delivered. If you want further information or advice, then our Registrar will be happy to help.

In class, you will most likely meet colleagues with different confessional and ideological leanings and from diverse cultures. Some are picking up a subject
to extend their professional interests, others are studying purely out of interest. You will be encouraged to think independently, and to be open to explore new and challenging perspectives in a friendly, safe, and committed learning environment. Whether online or on campus, the emphasis is on interaction that ensures successful learning outcomes for each student.