Theology of Pastoral Care

Consider some of the key questions that arise in pastoral care: What makes pastoral care “pastoral?” What does it look like in practice, and how does it connect with a living Christian faith?

This interactive unit will give students the chance to explore together the challenges and experiences of pastoral ministry, and identify basic questions and issues that they want to address. ‘Theology of Pastoral Care’ offers a robust theological foundation for the practice of pastoral care, and gives you the opportunity to guide your own learning around the exploration of pastoral care both in terms of its theological underpinnings and the reality of what this looks like within and beyond the church.


” This class is up there among the best and most important classes I ever took during my theological studies”

– Matthew Julius, former student


This is not a traditional lecture and tutorial-style unit.
Lecture input will be combined with group work, role play, and personal story in order to examine the understanding and practice of ‘pastoral’ care. Students will be expected to meet with the lecturer at least twice throughout the semester in a 1:1 meeting to discuss progress and specific topics that interest you particularly.


“Any time spent with Randall is time well spent”

– Sandy Brodine, Uniting Church Minister


Any student who is passionate or puzzled about pastoral care and wants to understand the subject better should seriously consider this one-of-a-kind unit at Pilgrim in Semester 1.


Course code DP1500P/8500P
Instructor R Prior
Mode of Delivery Internal – Face to face
Semester 1 Wednesday, 2 pm to 5 pm