The Book of Revelation: Evil, Empire, and Eschatology

Delve into the book of Revelation; a highly symbolic, political, and justice-oriented text that is often misunderstood by readers in this captivating subject taught by Robyn Whittaker during Semester 1 at Pilgrim.

Revelation is one of those biblical books that continues to confuse and scare people. It has had a huge influence upon popular culture due to its evocative images of the red dragon, the slaughtered multi-headed lamb, the number 666, and graphic depictions of hell.


Through vivid visions and highly symbolic figures, Revelation invites us to think about the way evil is manifest in the world, the nature of divine intervention, gender issues, what happens at the end of time (ideas of heaven and hell), and what Christian witness and worship could look like.


This unit explores the world of Revelation with particular attention to the visuality of the text, the visual religious-political culture from which it emerged, and the way its images continue to impact (for good or ill) our current culture.  This year we have guest lecturers offering insights from queer readings, postcolonial theory, and we’ll also incorporate some new scholarship drawing upon monster theory.


We will meet every Wednesday morning in semester 1.  Students must have completed at least one unit in New Testament / Biblical Studies.


If you’re a student who’s already undertaken some study and are looking to get a better handle on this highly debated book, then ‘The Book of Revelation: Evil, Empire, and Eschatology’ is the subject for you!

Course code: BN3130P/9130P
Instructor: R Whitaker
Mode of Delivery: Internal –
Face to face
Semester 1: Wednesday, 9.30 am
to 12.30 pm