Student Support


All students of Pilgrim Theological College were invited to attend the Orientation Day on Thursday, 19 February, 2015, from 2pm–4.30pm. This gave an opportunity for students to meet with support staff and the faculty of the College and to be introduced to the facilities available to students.

The Orientation Day program was followed at 5pm by the Induction Service for Rev Dr John Flett, the new Co-ordinator of Studies – Missiology, light refreshments, and then a lecture to mark the start of the College year: ‘Journey and Rest: Theological Education for Pilgrims’ was delivered by Academic Dean Rev Associate Professor Sean Winter.

Facilities at the Centre for Theology & Ministry

Pilgrim students have access to the following facilities at the Centre for Theology & Ministry:

Morning Prayer and Weekly Worship

Each of the teaching days (Tuesday–Thursday) of the semester begins with a short act of morning prayer led by Faculty and students.

Every Wednesday during semester we hold a worship service in the Centre for Theology & Ministry Chapel, from 12.15pm–1pm.

Morning prayer and weekly chapel worship are open to all students who are studying at Pilgrim Theological College.

Health and Safety

Students are asked to note the guidelines for evacuation of the building, which are posted in each of the teaching rooms. Members of staff at the Centre for Theology & Ministry are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all who make use of the building.

Support and Advice

Students in need of additional or specific forms of support should consult the Registrar, Erlinda Loverseed, Coursework and Research Co-ordinator, Fotini Toso, or Academic Dean. Sean Winter.