International Students

We welcome overseas students and provide them with a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study.

Among the College community are students from countries including South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Timor Leste, the UK and many Pacific Island nations.

International students are defined by the Australian Government as those who do not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship and have not been granted permanent resident status in Australia.

The Commonwealth Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) requires all international students to study full time.

You may only enter and remain in Australia as an international student if you hold a valid student visa. Please note, however, if you are an international student who is not resident in Australia, you may study online at Pilgrim Theological College without a student visa.

Applying for and obtaining a student visa can take considerable time and should be made well in advance of enrolment closing dates. For further information about student visas, please contact the University of Divinity or visit the ‘International Students’ section of the University’s website. Students are also strongly advised to view the Australian Government website for Australian Education International.

If you are intending to undertake study please note that payment of tuition fees must be made in advance, together with the completion of all necessary documentation required by DIAC, including evidence that you can meet all living costs during your time in Australia. The English standard needed is an IELTS score with an average across all bands of at least 7.0 with no band under 6.5. (The requirement for undergraduates is an average across all bands of at least 6.5 with no band under 6.0.)

If a student fails to satisfy course requirements, the University of Divinity must report this to DIAC. This is a legal requirement, and no exceptions can be made. Students must also inform the University and Pilgrim Theological College of any change to their contact details. In cases of withdrawal, the refund of fees for international students will be paid to the person who originally paid the course fees. The University also requires international student applications to be accompanied by an admission fee.

Please note that it is compulsory for International visa students to attend Pilgrim Theological College orientation days at the beginning of each semester.

In keeping with Pilgrim’s commitment to reconciliation and recognition of the location of the teaching and learning on indigenous land, Pilgrim’s orientation program at the start of the semester includes a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.

Pilgrim students will receive details of the orientation program weeks before the start of the semester via email.

After Hours Hotline

International students studying at Pilgrim Theological College can access a special after-hours telephone hotline to the University of Divinity. If it’s late and you need help, call 1800 775 691.

This is a free call from landlines anywhere in Australia. Standard call rates apply from mobile phones. For an emergency requiring an ambulance, the fire brigade or police, call 000.

Other Resources

Information about other resources for international students can be found here.