Speaking of Christ/a/x

Discover the symbol of the Christa/x, and how queer theology has taught Christians to expand their understanding of what we have always assumed to be true, in this fascinating intensive being co-taught by Stephen Burns from Pilgrim and JAnice McRandal from the Cooperative.

Since the emergence of artistic representations in the 1970s–in part propelled by the United Nations’ Decade of Solidarity with Women–the symbol of the Christa has been incorporated into some theologians’ work in doctrine and devotion. Initially associated with lesbian feminist theological voices (notably, Heyward), latterly it has found strong resonance in the flourishing area of queer theology (hence, Christx), if not yet widely represented in the theological mainstream (manstream/malestream). This unit explores the symbol of Christa/x in their emerging artistic, poetic, and spiritual expressions, juxtaposed to their trajectories in contemporary theology more narrowly understood, as well as their potential significance for queer and transpersons, amongst others, in Christian community.

Course code DS2005P/8005P
Lecturer S Burns, J Mcrandal
Mode of Delivery Face to face
Semester 2 Intensive
25-26 Aug; 8-9 Sept; 13 October