Ruth, Ether, Song of Songs, Judith, Susannah: Allusive, Unconventional, Subversive, Resistant

Discover the women of Bible and the worlds they existed within, in this fascinating subject from Pilgrim Theological College.

The Bible is filled with women – some named, some not, some the protagonists in books named after them, while some others are simply mentioned in passing. The books of Esther, Ruth, the Song of Songs, Susannah, and Judith are exceptional and exciting. They seem to bend convention, cross boundaries, and subvert societal control. What do these books that came into being within a rigid patriarchal structure teach us?

These books belong to a literature of protest. They came into being during a special period in Israel’s history in response to particular circumstances.

Engage with the context in which these books were written. Learn about these women, and reflect on issues of identity, gender, sexuality, beauty and power as presented within these stories, and how their experiences continue to impact and inform our lived experiences today.

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Learning outcomes

1. Describe the contents of these books
2. Introduce these books and the historical critical questions surrounding them
3. Identify significant issues related to women of the times in which these books were produced.
4. Apply their findings to contemporary issues facing women.


Type Description Word count Weight (%)
Essay 2500 50.0
Essay 2500 50.0




Course code BA2070P/9070P
Instructor M Melachthon
Mode of Delivery
Internal – Face to face
and External – Online
Semester 2 Tuesday, 2pm to 5pm