PhD/ThD Application Procedures

Prospective students apply directly to the Pilgrim for admission into a PhD or ThD program. Every applicant is considered on an individual basis.

For information regarding application requirements, course and fee structures of the PhD.

For information regarding application requirements, course and fee structures, of the ThD.

Enrolment Schedule

Submissions of an application to the PhD/ThD program occur two times per year. The deadlines for these submissions can be found here.

Application Process

Step one: Contact the research coordinator, John Flett, to arrange an appointment

Phone: (03) 9340 8827

Step two: preparation for the interview

  1. Develop an outline of your broad research topic
    To best evaluate the suitability of the topic of research and to match this with a supervisor, it is important to develop a statement of what you are seeking to research and your own background in relation to this question. Write something of about 300-500 words with an indicative bibliography and try to be as specific as possible about your research question and methodology. Spend some time setting out your thoughts and interests in as clear fashion as possible. If you are having difficulty, there are a number of good resources available online: search for “developing a PhD research proposal.”
  1. Proof of Citizenship (g., Birth Certificate or Passport)
  2. Academic/VCE transcripts
  3. Evidence of any Change of Name (if applicable)
  4. IELTS results (International students only)
  5. Visa information (International students only)
  6. Sponsor Statement (if a third party is paying your tuition fees)

Step three: interview

  1. Discuss with the research coordinator the content of the outline and the available options
  2. Suggest supervisors
  3. Funding and scholarships:
    1. Pilgrim Theological College scholarships
    2. University of Divinity bursaries and scholarships

Step four: the application

  1. In consultation with your prospective supervisor, complete the relevant “application for admission” form: domestic students, international students

    PLEASE NOTE: This application form includes the development of a thesis proposal. Though concise, a thesis proposal is an extended piece of research which may itself take up to three months of concentrated effort and is part of the submission for entrance into the program. It is a foundational document which develops a particular question and associated methodology.

    Many resources exist to assist with the development of the proposal, but a good beginning point is: Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, The Craft of Research (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016).

  1. The application must include two confidential “academic referee reports.”
  2. Submit the completed application to the research coordinator, who will sign it and forward it to the research office of the University of Divinity. Please note the submission deadlines.
  3. All documentation is then submitted to the research committee of the University of Divinity which evaluates the application. According to the judgement of this committee, the application might be successful, it might be invited for resubmission with corrections, or it might be rejected. Notification of the application’s status, with an indication of further steps, will come from the research office of the University of Divinity.


Payment must be made at time of enrolment.