RESEARCH - Florence and Alexander Yule Memorial Scholarship


Pilgrim Theological College in partnership with the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria & Tasmania makes available a range of grants and scholarships to support students undertaking theological study. This funding aims to support access to theological education, and support students pursuing further study and research.

Scholarships for PhD students are administered through the University of Divinity’s competitive process. To apply click here.

Masters students undertaking a research component apply diectly through Pilgrim Theological College by 1st February (semester 1) and 1st July (semester 2).

If you have any questions about research study at Pilgrim please contact our research coordinator.

Brian Macallan - Faculty
Research Coordinator

Brian Macallan

BA (Psych), BTh (Hons), MTh, DTh

Joan Margaret Gilchrist PhD scholarship

This scholarship provides a Tuition Fee scholarship
(approximately $19,000) and a Stipend of $10,000 for up to three years to study a PhD in any discipline at Pilgrim Theological College in the University of Divinity. 

Eligibility criteria 

  1. The candidate must be a woman
  2. The candidate must be successfully admitted to commence a PhD at the University of Divinity through Pilgrim Theological College
  3. The candidate must have the capacity to make a contribution to theological scholarship and education in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.

*This scholarship is currently held by Sarah Callista and will not be available in 2024

Robert James Brown scholarship (PhD or Masters)

The Robert James Brown scholarships are tuition fee scholarships for students enrolled in a research degree (Masters with a research component or PhD).  Successful PhD students will have their full tuition paid for up to three years (approximately $19,028 per annum). 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Graduate of Pilgrim or another UCA college, candidate for ministry, or UCA minister
  • Acceptance into a PhD or Masters with research component at Pilgrim.

*The Robert James Brown scholarship currently supports doctoral students, Kyle Moffitt and Lauren Mosso

Florence and Alexander Yule Memorial Scholarship

The Yule scholarship supports overseas study for graduates of Pilgrim Theological College to undertake postgraduate study at another University. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Graduate of Pilgrim Theological College, 
  • To be “of sterling character” and to have displayed qualities suitable for a minister
  • Acceptance into an overseas postgraduate theological degree

Award of the scholarship is contingent on acceptance to an overseas University program.