Reading Romans: Exegesis, Theology, Context

This exciting subject, taught by our Head of College, Sean Winter, gives you the opportunity to wrestle with one of the most important and influential texts of the Bible – Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

By studying Romans in its ancient context you will gain a better understanding of the gospel and learn how to think through the way that this gospel relates to your own faith and the church’s mission in the world.

The subject will explore the relationship between Paul’s argument in the letter, the theology implied by those arguments, and the social, cultural, and political context of Paul’s day.
Join us to wrestle with Romans as a formative text for thinking about contemporary Christian faith and practice, in this fascinating unit at Pilgrim!

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Course code BN2060P/3060P/9060P
Instructor S Winter
Mode of Delivery
Internal – Face to face and
External – Online Synchronous
 Semester 2 Thursday, 9.30 am to 12.30 pm