Queer Theology

Queer Theology


J Inkpin and P Jones

Blended intensive


Queer identities and faith are in the forefront of much political and cultural conflict today – but how do we explore positive ways forward?
This face to face intensive with online presentations offers students the opportunity to explore how faith and queer identities intersect and impact one another. Delve into the world of queer theology and discover how sexuality and gender identity inform, challenge and transform our understandings of faith and life.


If you’re interested in learning where queer ideas intersect with faith, how queer theology has emerged from queer theory, LGBTIG+ justice struggles and how they are impacted by faith, then Queer theology is the perfect way to get started.


Taught as a face to face intensive, followed by online presentations later in the year, this intensive aims to engage with lively issues around gender and sexuality. Explore intersectional approaches, postcolonial perspectives, queer art, action and contemporary reflection in a safe space to explore and learn more about queer theology.


Jo Inkpin and Penny Jones are a married couple, with Penny being one of the first women ordained priests in the Diocese of Durham, and Jo the first openly transgender Australian priest. As such, they bring a unique perspective to this topic, and a great deal of wisdom.


Whether you’re looking to get a few more credits towards a degree, or just want a better understanding of this fascinating topic, Queer Theology promises to be an exciting course for Semester 2 at Pilgrim!


Please note that this is a safe, inclusive space, and as such all students are expected to act in a way that reflects this.

To find out more information or to enrol, contact study@pilgrim.edu.au

Unit Name: Queer Theology

Unit Code: CT3001P/9001P

Teachers: J Inkpin and P Jones

Mode of learning: Blended intensive