Prof. Stephen Burns at ‘reWeaving Theological Education’ Conference

n - Prof. Stephen Burns at 'reWeaving Theological Education' Conference
'reWeaving Theological Education' Conference

reWeaving Conference

Last weekend, Professor Stephen Burns gave an address called “Face to Face, On the Level in the Round: De-clericalising and Communalizing Liturgy” at the reWeaving Theological Education conference in Auckland. The conference was hosted by Trinity Methodist Theological College in collaboration with St. John’s Theological College and sponsored by Te Haahi Weteriana.

Conference organisers wrote: “Theological education involves the weaving of texts, traditions, and teachings from different contexts. Now and then we have an opportunity to re-examine those weavings (as noun and verb) from our context, to see what other strands and ways we could add. And what strands and woven knots are no longer empowering and life-giving. This conference… is an opportunity to reweave theological education in our time, for the days to come.”

Other speakers were Te Ahora Rountree (new president of NZ Methodist Church), Prof. Anne Pattel-Gray (UD School of Indigenous Studies), Gladson Jathanna (Drew), and Sef Carroll (UTC).


Prof. Anne Pattel-Gray

Prof. Anne Pattel-Gray