Political populism and a theological response

In last month’s Crosslight, John Flett, reflecting on contemporary political populism and a theological response wrote, ‘The movement of political forces might feel beyond our control, but it is not so. The first step is to meet, discuss and understand some of the forces in play. The second step is to find theological resources which might direct our response within our congregations and inform our discussions with our friends and neighbours’.

Join John in taking these steps as he guides ‘Conversations: Interdisciplinary Theological Perspectives on Contemporary Issues’, an intensive course held over three Fridays and Saturdays in March and April.

Which theological voices and discussions might help us understand and respond to this situation? This is the key question addressed in this Conversations course: ‘Political Populism and Theological Discourse’.

It will outline the range of issues shaping these populist political movements, including those of religion and policy formation, racism, secularisation, migration, identity politics, terrorism and living in a ‘post-truth’ age. Each of these issues will be informed by theological reflections from diverse voices.