Pastoral Care With People With Disabilities

Discuss and discover the theological, liturgical, ethical and pastoral care issues associated with ministry with people with disabilities in this upcoming unit at Pilgrim Theological College. 

The relationship of disability and spirituality is central to this unit. In considering the spectrum of exclusion and embrace, issues including stigma, attitudes, body image, friendship, legislation, rights, communications, and architecture will be explored. Participation in faith communities and community-based settings will also be considered, to gain a deeper understanding of resistance to inclusion. Practical responses and strategies will be an important part of the unit.

Taught by Andy Calder, the Synod’s Disability Inclusion Advocate, scripture will be examined as a means of reflection on contemporary theological-pastoral issues pertaining to disability. The relationship between faith and healing, from both a personal and social perspective, and emerging theologies about disability will be explored.

A site visit will be part of the Course.


This class will be online only.


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Course code DP2012P/3012P/9012P
Instructor A Calder
Mode of Delivery
Online Synchronous
Semester 2 Wednesday, 9.30 am to 12.30 pm