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In memory of distinguished theological educator and leader Rev J D Northey, the Congregational Union of Victoria established a fund to “enable theologians to travel to Melbourne.”

Pilgrim is delighted to be able to continue the role of inviting visitors who can enrich our local theological conversation and, in the particular terms of the bequest: “open out theological learning for the enjoyment of more and more people.”

Rev J D Northey was ordained into the Congregational Union of South Australia in 1916 and continued to offer service in ministry until 1971.

  • President of the Congregational Union of Victoria
  • Principal of the Congregational College of Victoria
  • President of the Melbourne College of Divinity (now University of Divinity)

Please see the events page for upcoming Northey lectures.

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Bearing Witness: An Approach to Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Northey Lecture: Bearing Witness – an approach to Christian-Muslim Dialogue Join us for the first lecture in the 2024 Northey Lecture series, co-hosted with Trinity College Theological School as the…

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Samuel Wells: Citizens of Heaven

School of Ministry with Rev Dr Samuel Wells Samuel Wells is a preacher, writer and theologian. He has served as Church of England parish priest in England for over 20…

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Meredith Lake: Race and Scripture in Australia

ABSTRACT:  The Bible arrived in Australia at a time when Europeans were rethinking both Scripture and race. And from land-hungry colonists to Indigenous evangelists, white supremacists to anti-racism activists –…

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Greg Carey: Death and Beyond

How do we preach and talk about the end? How does our understanding of the end shape our view of the present? Through careful exploration of the Bible’s multiple eschatological…

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Christine Helmer: A Protestant Theology of Protest

Part 1 | Part 2  “Doctrine … has to do with the living reality of God…. Spiritual discernment is required to see and to understand the relations that God creates and transforms…

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David Gushee: Christian Ethics in the Public Sphere

Recording Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading Christian ethicists, David is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of 22 books, most notably Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust, Kingdom…

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Previous JD Northey Lectures

  • 2022 Anne Pattel-Gray Red Ochre Theology
  • 2018 David Gushee Christian Ethics in the Public Sphere
  • 2018 Christine Helmer A Protestant Theology of Protest
  • 2018 Gerald West The Bible as a Site of Struggle in South Africa, from Apartheid to Liberation
  • 2018 Beverley Haddad Diakonia and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Theological Case Study from South Africa
  • 2016 Musa Dube Let there be Light: Reading the Bible for social and cultural Transformation
  • 2014 Mike Higton Disagreement Between Faiths: Why we need more of it