Pursuing a culture of Life Long Learning enables ministers to experience longevity, sustainability, and collegiality in their ministry. Whether understood as continuing education, professional development (PD), or ongoing discipleship, the commitment to growth in ministry serves the wellbeing of the minister and therefore the wellbeing of the whole church.

Participating in (and contributing to) conferences, workshops, and short courses ensures ministers are up-to-date with the latest thinking in academic scholarship and ministry practice, and connects ministry agents with one another. In a vocation that can be isolating, enrolling with a colleague or two in a unit at Pilgrim Theological College is a wonderful way to engage one’s mind and spirit.

Uniting Church Ministers are entitled to a minimum of 14 days of study leave per year. Ministry agents can access auditing fee rates for Pilgrim, as well as continuing education grants.

If you have any questions about Life Long Learning for ministry please contact:

Continuing Education and Leadership Development Coordinator

Rev Fran Barber

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The Church is the community of God's people in the world, called to witness, in word and in action, to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“... the [Church] needs faithful leaders who can enable the church to call people to faith in Jesus Christ, to witness to God's call for a just world, and to be a community which is a sign of God's promises for the world.”

The goals of ongoing ministerial education:

  • A growing faith and spirituality that will sustain their lives in ministry
  • A conscious and critical commitment to ministry and mission
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the tradition of the church
  • Skills appropriate for their particular ministry
  • Critical imagination