Life, History and the People of God in the Hebrew Scriptures

This introductory course will help you understand the life, history, and faith of the people of God in ancient Israel.

Taught by Jione Havea and Brian Kolia, this subject is a fantastic introductory subject for any theological student.
Life, History and the People of God in the Hebrew Scriptures will invite you to survey the contents of the Old Testament and study the historical contexts, genres and theology in and of the OT books.
In the process, you’ll also get the chance to explore how their own lives can be related to the struggles and joys of contemporary faith.


This is an online subject ideal for students who cannot commit to in-person classes, or who are worried about the ongoing effects and risks of Coronavirus.
Lectures will be recorded and the clips will be made available on ARK. The videos will be available 7 days before the scheduled session, and students may watch them at a convenient time.
A tutorial session will be held live for 1 hour during weeks 1-12 using zoom. Students are required to attend all tutorial sessions.

This subject is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to understand the Old Testament better!


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Course code: BA1010P/2010P/8010P
Instructor: J Havea and B Kolia
Mode of Delivery: External – Online Synchronous
Semester 1 Tutorial session, Tuesdays, 2-3pm