Life Abundantly in Christ: An Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychology for Ministry Practice

What does it mean to be human, according to the Christian vision, and how can our pastoral care ensure that we respect this vision? Join Pilgrim Theological College in considering how our pastoral practices can best serve the people that we interact with. 

Understanding pastoral practice and supervision in church settings is crucial to having healthy communities. This unit draws extensively upon the Jesuit educational philosophy, which understands learning and teaching as a contributive space, which supports, respects, and develops the wealth of experience and knowledge that students bring to the class. In turn, students have are encouraged to use this same process to listen to those within their community, and consider the connection between the Christian vision of the human person, and how that persons experiences can impact both the individual and the community that they’re a part of.
The class will help students learn to attend (listen), and how to engage practically with people in a way that supports individuals and upholds God’s vision for the human person.



Course code DP1600P
Instructor J Calder
Mode of Delivery
Internal – Face to face
and External – Online
Semester 2 6, 7, 9 October; 3, 4, 6 November