Join the Guided Study Group

Over the mid-semester break we’re initiating a guided study group where you can discuss how to approach upcoming assignments while getting to know other students. It will be friendly, structured and productive.

How will it work? Choose one assessment task that you have underway and prepare to talk for 2 minutes (200 words) about the task requirement and very briefly outline how you’re planning to approach it. In response, the group will provide constructive, enabling feedback. Our Academic Learning Advisor will be there to guide and answer any questions.

Pilgrim aspires to be a community of learning for people on the journey, and the study group offers an opportunity to enable learning and connection.


Monday 29th March at 12.45pm


Tuesday 30th March 7.30pm

Where: online

RSVP: Kerrie Handasyde, by 9am Monday 29/3