Intensive Units

Intensive Units for Semester 2 2016

5-7 August, 3-4 September
BA2040P/BA3040P/ BA9040P
Gender, Justice, Empire: Contextual Readings of the Old Testament (Melanchthon)

21-28 September
CH3030P/DS3030P/ CH9030P/DS9030P
The Wisdom of St Benedict:  The Rule and its Sources (Posa) – Sydney NSW

20, 27 August 3, 10, 17 September
Effective Christian Leadership and Ministry (Confoy)

7, 8, 9 October
Doctrine, Truth and Pluralism (Thompson)

23-25, 28-30 November
The Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children (College of Theology and Ministry)

To enrol, please contact our registrar, Erlinda Loverseed:
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