Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry

What kind of mixed messages do we give children about our theologies and practices? Have you managed to untangle some of the messages you received as a child?

How do our faiths impact our children, and how should we be teaching them about faith?

Complete your Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry at Pilgrim Theological College to start to consider and answer these questions today!

The Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry is taught in the form of three intensives throughout the year – two compulsory units and one selected in consultation with the Coursework Coordinator.

This is a unique opportunity suited to a number of professional or volunteer roles.
Ministers, Pastors, Chaplains and Christian educations will benefit from a deeper understanding of mission and ministry among children, youth and families, and engaging with them within a ministry context.

Those in paid Children and Families or Generational Ministry roles will gain a greater depth of knowledge around the importance of the support of a community and nurture of the family.

In fact, anyone engaged in mission, pastoral or education ministry involving children would find value in the Grad Cert in Children and Families Ministry and in learning from Beth Barnett about some of the big questions around faith and teaching children about faith – and the ethical implications and resulting opinions from a range of theologians throughout the years.

The first compulsory unit is “Core issues in diverse contexts”, and is especially suitable for church-based, community-based, and para church expressions of ministry.

The second compulsory unit is “The Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children”

The final subject can be chosen from our wide range of units available at Pilgrim, giving you the power to shape and specialize your own course to make it relevant to yourself and your calling.

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry or to enrol, email