Four reasons to enrol in Semester 2

Equip yourself for real life, faith, and ministry

People study at Pilgrim for all kinds of reasons – out of interest, for their life of faith, to equip themselves with new skills and qualifications, for love of learning, to develop their theological imagination. We know that for theology to be meaningful it must be relevant. We’ll help you explore the implications of your learning, making connections with life in our world, questions of faith, and real vocational contexts.

Our subjects can also equip you for vocations – ministry with children and families, pastoral care, leadership in the church.

No matter where you are or where you are going, studying theology will shape you to think critically, integrate thought and practice, engage with critical issues of our time, articulate Christian faith anew, and for service in the church and world.

World-class teaching team

We have a research active, internationally recognised Faculty of leading scholars in their fields, offering the highest quality teaching and learning. Our teaching team is drawn from a wide variety of church traditions, offering diverse perspectives. Our research culture means teaching and learning takes account of the most current trends in each discipline, and our Faculty continue to make their own contributions to knowledge. In the classroom we encourage critical thinking, engaged learning, intellectual rigour and enquiry.

Pilgrim is consistently rated highly for student satisfaction. It is a college of the University of Divinity, which was the highest rated institution in Australia for overall quality of education in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Study at the cutting edge

We are intentionally innovative in our subject offerings. We regularly offer new subjects, or adapt longer standing subjects due to new insights. We are one of the few theological institutions in Australia where you can study feminist theologies. Our teaching and learning across disciplines takes account of feminist, intercultural, and non-Western insights, and the insights of global Christianity.

A commitment to innovation and diverse perspectives regularly reframes the theological conversation, challenging established theologies of mission, opening the way to creative Biblical interpretation and critique, and new understandings for the practice of faith in our context.

Flexible study options to fit your life

Our flexible options for study allow you to take control of your learning.

Every semester there are units we offer online, so you can equip yourself without leaving your home. Other subjects are offered weekly over the course of a semester, or in an intensive format, which allows you to condense your learning into a shorter period. Other blended or virtual options for study may also be available.

You can begin by taking just one subject that interests you, or a smaller course of a few subjects. You can study for credit, or audit a subject for a smaller fee – which means no credit or assessment.

Contact us to discuss your interests, and for personalized advice on what the shape of study at Pilgrim might look like for you: or 03 9340 8892