Doing Theology in Public

Discover the origins of public theology, its main concerns, theories, and methods. Co-taught by John Flett and Robyn Whitaker, with special guests including Tim Costello, MEdedith Lake, Stephen Duckett, Rod Bower, Elenie Poulos, and Andreas Lowe this engaging intensive about doing theology in public will be offered in semester 2 at Pilgrim Theological College.

It is often observed that the church as an institution in western societies no longer holds the social capital it did even 50 years ago. While this may be true, it is not the case that the Christian faith has disappeared from public discourse. The opposite might even be true. Christianity is more present in the public sphere due to a number of charged events: media posts by famous sportspeople, mass shootings at places of worship, marriage and sexuality debates, voting patterns, and claims about cultural heritage and the needs of civil society. Within each of the various forms of media interaction (social, print, TV), the Christian faith appears in diverse and often contentious ways. This unit looks at the field of public theology. It considers its origins, its main concerns, theories, and methods, but moves beyond this to think about the mechanics and intentions of doing theology in public, with the aim of developing practical skills.

This intensive unit will be taught over three weekends (Fri-Sat) in August, September, and October 2022. As a face-to-face intensive, students will be expected to attend in person in order to get the full benefit of lectures, tutorials, and practical skill-building sessions.

At a minimum, students will ideally have completed some prior units in systematic theology, missiology, and/or biblical studies or have permission from the lecturers to enrol.

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Course code CT3321P/9321P
Instructor R Whitaker and J Flett
Mode of Delivery
Face to face
Semester 2 Intensive: 12-13 Aug, 9-10 Sept,
14-15 Oct