Discernment and Authority in Christian Tradition

How do we make good choices, both individually and as a community? Explore authentic leadership and identify strategies for building the capacity of groups and individuals to make good choices in ‘Discernment and Authority in Christian Tradition’, taught at Pilgrim Theological College in Semester 1. 

This subject gives students the chance to examine the nature and processes of discernment in the Christian tradition, and the relationship that it has to authority within the Christian community.

Discover examples of Christian leadership both within and beyond the church, and develop definitions of authentic leadership to better improve your understanding of what it means to make good choices.

This unit will be taught via 6 seminars on Wednesday evenings, which will not be recorded. The rest of the materials will be posted on ARK, including lectures. There is some flexibility around the seminars on the 2nd of March and 25th of May, but otherwise attendance at the seminars is required.


This is the perfect subject for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of what it means to live a Christian life, both as an individual and as a community!

For more information or to enrol, email Study@piglrim.edu.au




Course code CH3019P/9019P
Instructor K Massam & C Lambert
Mode of Delivery Online Synchronous
Semester 1 Seminars:
Wednesday, 6.15 pm –
7.45 pm Melbourne time: 2 March,
16 March, 30 March, 27, April, 11
May, 25 May.