Culture and Expressions of Belief

Discover the rich history of material culture within Protestant Christianity and explore ways in which objects both reflect and shape cultures.

We live in a culturally diverse society, filled with visual images, texts, and objects that are powerful communicators of what we believe and our societal values. Historically, Christians have used a range of ways to express their spiritual lives, giving us a rich diversity of visual arts, literacy, and artifacts that can help us understand the relationship between these elements and the lives and beliefs of the people who created them.

This unit examines the place of visual culture, text, and material artifacts as expressions of belief in the practice of Protestant Christianity. It draws on material objects, visual art, and written text to explore ways in which they both reflect, and shape, beliefs, and theological positions. Drawing on the socio-cultural and historical context of this material, the unit explores ways in which cultural artifacts and cultural memory can be used to engage with the spiritual lives of culturally diverse people in schools, parishes, and the wider community.

This is a unit that will be delivered face-to-face on Thursday afternoons during Semester 1, with a mix of lectures, tutorials, and small group workshop activities.

Course code: AH/DE2102P/8102P
Instructor: A Burritt
Mode of Delivery: Internal – Face to face
Semester 1: Thursday, 2 pm to 5 pm