Life at Pilgrim

One of our many strengths is our diversity of students across a wide range of ages, professions and backgrounds.

Some students want to explore theology as part of enhancing their understanding of literature, art and film or as a unit in a more general degree.  Others, particularly in the health field, are keen to look at faith aspects of pastoral care.

Many wish to deepen their personal experience of faith or have been called to lay or ordained ministry.

In a world where social media and blogging has changed the meaning of truth, some students are keen to delve into the meaning of leadership and authenticity. Lots just love the opportunity to learn and debate complex issues.

And, of course, our units count towards your degree.

The Pilgrim faculty is consistently rated above average in student evaluations of our teaching (and that’s above average at the University of Divinity where teaching is consistently highly rated). As well as high quality class materials, you will have access to the Dalton McCaughey Library, one of the finest theological collections in the southern hemisphere, and to the wider network of libraries across the University of Divinity.

For help with particular study skills and support in assessment, Pilgrim has an in-house Academic Learning Advisor to help you navigate the delicate task of understanding assignments and adequately equipping you with academic and study skills to reduce barriers to full participation and success.

We also have an E-Learning Advisor to assist in the online environment.

As a college composed of diverse students and staff, Pilgrim is continually working to ensure that equal opportunity and inclusivity are embedded in our culture. Collaboration and interaction are a feature of our processes and we are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

For more information, contact College registrar Erlinda Loverseed on 03 9340 8892 or at