Our Courses

Courses at Pilgrim in 2023

As a college of the University of Divinity, Pilgrim offers diplomas, undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, postgraduate degrees and higher degrees by research.

2023 Timetable

The timetable for the 2022 academic year can be downloaded here

And more information about applying for a research programme(minor thesis or PhD) is here

You will find information about the structure of our awards on the University of Divinity webpages:


Advanced Diplomas and Associate Degrees

Bachelor Degrees

Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas

Masters Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Our units are coded by level and by field of study.

Levels of study:

Fields and Disciplines

Courses within the University of Divinity are structured around four broad fields of study, with a range of disciplines in each field. These are listed below, together with the abbreviation for each field and discipline used in unit codes in the Pilgrim timetable.

Field A: Humanities

AH History
AL Biblical Languages
AL Languages ancient and modern
AP Philosophy
AR Religious Studies

Field B: Biblical Studies
BA Old Testament
BN New Testament
BS Biblical Studies

Field C: Christian Thought and History
CH Church History
CT Systematic Theology

Field D: Theology: Mission and Ministry
DA Mission and Ministry
DC Canon Law
DD Spiritual Direction
DE Education Studies
DL Liturgy
D Missiology
DP Pastoral Theology and Ministry Studies
DR Religious Education
DS Spirituality
DT Moral Theology
DU Ecumenical Studies