Congratulations 2021 Pilgrim Graduates

So I praise God, whose mystery keeps drawing us into theological study, I praise Jesus, whose life, teaching, death and resurrection is a constant source of nourishment and challenge, and I praise the Holy Spirit, who offers wisdom, comfort and inspiration. Praise to the Trinity of love. Amen.
– Andrea Mayes, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar

The Pilgrim community extends a huge congratulations to the Pilgrim students who graduated from the University of Divinity last Friday, 19th March. We applaud their efforts and recognise the significant personal investment involved in undertaking the task of theology. We pray that the next step in the journey is enriched by the expanded horizons that follow this task.

We also congratulate Andrea Mayes, who was recognised as the Vice Chancellor’s scholar from Pilgrim Theological College and delivered a short speech on behalf of the graduands. Download and read it here.

Our graduates:

Paul Dau (Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry)
Claire Dawe (Graduate Certificate in Divinity)
Tanya Dunbar (Graduate Diploma in Theology)
Juli Lincoln (Graduate Diploma in Theology)
Ennis Macleod (Graduate Certificate in Divinity)
Andrea Mayes (Master of Theological Studies)
Kyle Moffitt (Master of Theological Studies)
Karen Morgan (Graduate Certificate in Children and Families Ministry)
Cynthia Page (Master of Theological Studies)