Christianity’s Big Ideas

This exciting subject, taught by Geoff Thompson, will explore the big ideas that have traditionally been identified as “Christian doctrine”, such as God, revelation, creation, humanity, church, and more.

Christianity’s big ideas have been produced and passed on through controversy and curiosity. This unit gives you the opportunity to consider what it might mean for the central concepts of Christianity to nurture a vision that engages, provokes, and stretches the imagination, intellect, and heart in order to serve the church best in its witness to the world.

This subject is suitable for students who are only just beginning their journey into theological studies and those who want a refresher. It addresses how these “big ideas” relate to each other and what their impacts have been– both positive and negative – in church society.

This year this introductory unit will also highlight what conversations have produced the ideas that Christianity has inherited, and ask what conversations should these ideas be part of today? These include conversations internal to the church, those at the interface between the church and wider community, and the conversations that the wider community engages in that churches could, or should, listen to.


To hear more about this subject from Geoff Thompson himself, check out his blog.

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Course code CT1000P/8000P
Instructor G Thompson
Mode of Delivery Internal – Face to face and
External – Online Synchronous
Semester 1 Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm