Children & Families Ministry: Core Issues in Diverse Contexts

Children and Families Ministry: Core Issues in Diverse Contexts


Taught as a stand alone intensive, or one of three intensives that make up the Graduate Certificate in Ministry With Children and Their Families, this subject is the perfect way to get started or undertake professional development in Children and Families Ministry.

Especially suitable for church based, community based and para-church expressions of ministry, this subject will give you the opportunity to:

▪ Explore theological and biblical resources for contextual children and families ministries
▪ Develop skills for evaluating and designing practical processes for discipleship and evangelism
▪ Grow in your capacity for safe practice, mission and leadership with children and their families
▪ Address the spirituality and sociology of the child in relation to family, church, faith and culture

This subject will help you ask some of the big questions of theology and teaching children, and how our own experiences and lessons around faith may have impacted our lives, in order to better help the next generation.

Consider questions such as:


Whether you’re a minister looking for professional development, a teacher looking to improve your knowledge around religious education and the right way to engage with kids around issues of faith, or just want to be a better volunteer at church, this course could be the perfect way to do it!

Beth Barnett has a background in various sectors of education, pastoral ministry and mission across many denominations and para-church groups and contributes in the international conversation on child theology and inter generational faith formation. Beth has taught in children and families ministry, biblical studies and pastoral care across several Melbourne theological

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