Belief After Philosophy: Postmodernism and Religious Faith

We live in a world called “postmodern”, where nothing is static or absolute.  Radical doubt concerning foundations assails formerly unchallenged understandings of how humans might make sense of God, and likewise of their own selves. Is postmodernist suspicion an ally of religious faith, or its deadly enemy? Can we doubt the value of foundations, but still speak meaningfully about God? In Semester Two, learn with John Martis about how postmodern thinking can rework some of the traditional connections between faith and philosophy .

This in-person or online real-time unit will explore some of the big questions about how faith and philosophy interrelate, and how our current understandings of the two impact our decision-making and beliefs.
As you read and discuss Mark C. Taylor on “A/theology” and “the Divine milieu”, Kevin Hart on “The God effect”  and Jean-Luc Marion on  “God without Being, there’ll arise deeper questions about whether theology can find cooperation with philosophical approaches to divine concepts. Discovering, discussing, and critiquing these ideas with others, in a truly interactive experience, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to deepen, by questioning, the truths you embrace in both faith and philosophy.

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Course code AP2750P/3750P/9750P
Instructor J Martis
Mode of Delivery
Internal – Face to face
and External – Online
Semester 2 Wednesday, 9.30 am to