Advanced Leadership Program 2022


Providing professional development for current and emerging leaders in key roles
(including governance roles) within the Uniting Church and
other faith-based organisations.


Advanced leadership skills are essential for current
and potential leaders (lay and ordained, stipended
and voluntary) across faith organisations and
Within a community of mutual learning and
development, and engagement with others in similar
and different contexts, the Advanced Leadership
Program provides a course of study that enables
reflection and learning through a combination of
readings, realistic scenarios, experiential learning,
and practical application.

About the program

Program dates for 2022 are as follows:

Semester 1 Intensives

Managing Change Faithfully
April 20. 21, 22 / June 1, 2, 3

Semester 2 Intensives

Formation for Christian Leadership
July 13, 14, 15 /  September 28, 29, 30

Integrative Leadership Formation
November 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Fee: $8196
You may be able to access grant funding or scholarships from your synod, presbytery, or education bodies

VicTas students can apply for a 50% reduction scholarship from Pilgrim for enrolment in the whole award (three units) with the remaining 50% to be covered by you (a letter of commendation to congregation/agency seeking a 25% contribution can be requested).



“I appreciated the opportunity to participate in a
national course on leadership, and loved the diverse
teaching and thinking, and perhaps especially the
wider community/corporate leadership voices that
were part of the course. It will be beneficial to my
ministry, whatever I choose to do in this next season.”
Rev Cam McAdam, congregational Minister

“This course provided a safe, yet robust space for
me to reflect, learn and grow in my leadership. I’ve
appreciated the diverse content, expert teaching
team, ample opportunities for connection with
others, and structured self-reflection. To have this
designed and delivered within the context of the
UCA is a true value-add.”
Jessica Hateley Brown, Synod Standing Committee member

“As a minister in a full-time congregational
placement, I wondered initially if it was worth the
extra study load to already busy and demanding
ministry responsibilities. Joining this supportive,
informative, professional, enjoyable and thoughtprovoking
course has been the best decision I have
made regarding my own professional and personal
development. I came away feeling inspired and
motivated, eager to draw on my learning to make a
positive contribution to my areas of influence.”
Rev Ikani Vaitohi, congregational Minister, Committee

“Insightful, thought-provoking and practical. I gained
some remarkable insights into resolving complex
Rev Sunny Chen, Presbytery Minister

“The program has been challenging, enlightening,
enlivening and encouraging. It has offered incredible
wisdom and insight to resource and refine my
leadership capacities, not just from books and
excellent teachers, but from a collegial cohort
of current and emerging leaders who fill me with
enthusiasm for the future of the church.
The facilitation of learning is flexible and responsive
to needs and knowledge and theory is integrated
with spirituality & practice.
It has increased my exposure to the life of the
UCA nationally as well as my sense of connection
and contribution to the wider body of the church.
I wholeheartedly encourage people to consider
participating in this fantastic opportunity.”
Rev Lucas Taylor, congregational Minister

For more information and funding options,
email Jenny Byrnes. (
For enrolment details, email Erlinda Loverseed. (