Vision, Aims and Values

Personal formation for ministry in a multicultural church.

These words, taken from a Review of Education for Ministry (2010) are an apt summary of the work of Pilgrim Theological College.

The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) affirms that every member of the church is called to confess and serve Christ. The Holy Spirit empowers people to serve Christ in the world and in the church. Some are set apart for particular forms of service as ordained ministers of the church.

Pilgrim serves the church by providing educational and formation programs for all who are engaged in Christian service. However, it has a special responsibility for preparing women and men who have been recognised as candidates for the Ministry of Word and Ministry of Deacon within the UCA.

In doing this work, Pilgrim Theological College recognises that:

Pilgrim primarily consists of candidates for ordained ministry within the UCA, a Faculty and support staff. The role of the Faculty is to: