Our Logo

The logo of Pilgrim Theological College has been designed to symbolise the central focus of Christian faith and discipleship, pilgrimage to a sacred place and assistance provided to those who take the journey.


It derives from the new logo for the Centre for Theology & Ministry, being the section that forms a cross.


The direct relationship of the two logos symbolises the place of the College within the Centre for Theology & Ministry. The graphic concept was initially formed from religious symbology and architectural references, such as the cross in the chapel of the Centre for Theology & Ministry, which is made up of conjoined parallel pieces of timber.

This approach evolved into a representation of a ‘web’ of woven threads of different colours, which come together to make a cruciform pattern and, more importantly, convey a unified piece of fabric.


With each thread, the colour melds from one to another, indicating connections from one area of learning and activity to another. A reference point for these vignettes is the glass bricks that feature in the architecture of the Centre for Theology & Ministry, allowing light and colour to shine through.

The final reference point for the execution of the design is an altar cloth that was commissioned for the opening of the Centre for Theology & Ministry in 2007. The cloth is a beautiful sheer white fabric decorated with ribbons of different colours that have been appliquéd and woven together to form a cross.

All these references have been combined and refined to create a distinctive and meaningful logo for Pilgrim.

The ‘threads’ depict the pathways and crossroads encountered on a pilgrimage, the road of life and learning, while the cross, which is at the heart of Christian faith, calls us to the focus of the journey and may also be seen to represent a staff, or walking stick, that assists the pilgrim on the journey.