Rev Sue Withers

Formation for Ministry

This year we have 16 versatile, energetic diverse candidates preparing for ordained ministry within the Uniting Church. Formation for ministry is both individual and communal. The Presbytery appoints a mentor for each Candidate who offer pastoral support and guidance. The whole Pilgrim Faculty are also part of the candidate’s formation journey Рlearning, reflecting, eating, worshipping and praying together.

Each candidate takes responsibility for their own work undertaken over the year, setting their own formation goals for the year. Five formation areas have been identified to assist them in their discernment and goal setting for the year:

  1. Vibrant spirituality
  2. Thinking theologically
  3. Ministry identity and vision
  4. Relational maturity
  5. Self-awareness and reflectivity

Many parts make up the whole

Many parts make up the formation for ministry which includes: