Research Profile: Margaret Campbell

Research interests

Margaret’s areas of interest include trinitarian theology, the Christian mystical tradition, the doctrine of creation, religious language and pastoral care. These inform her research which centres on the theology of Catherine Mowry LaCugna, author of God for Us: The Trinity and Christian Life. Margaret has written on Kathryn Tanner’s critique of LaCugna’s “social trinitarianism” and has conducted research for Uniting Aged Care Victoria and Tasmania (now Uniting AgeWell) on the “Theology and Spirituality of Aged Care”. She is currently exploring two related themes – LaCugna’s comparison of the doctrine of the Trinity to an icon and her quest to reconnect spirituality with theology.

Research supervision

Margaret welcomes research proposals dealing with developments in trinitarian theology during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, particularly those which also explore Christian spirituality, pastoral care, politics and the nature of the relationship between God and the world.


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“A Journey into the Mystery of Salvation: The Influence of Saint Bonaventure’s Itinerarium on Catherine LaCugna’s Integrative Vision of Christian Life,” Studies in Spirituality 30 (2020): 83-114.