Research Profile: John Howard Smith

John Howard Smith: Honorary Research Associate Profile


Research interests

Manuscripts Reviewed


‘A Genuinely Theological Church’, Geoff Thompson

‘On Mission: a history of the development of Juniper, a Uniting Church Community,’ Clare Menck


‘Property and Progress for a Pilgrim People,’ J.M. Owen




Living in the House of God: monastic essays, Margaret Malone, sgs, Tjurunga, Number 91, a review

‘Living by Godly Wisdom: Monasteries and Management in the age of corporatization,’ Studia Anselmania – Roma


Bonhoeffer and Britain, Keith Clements, Tjurunga, Number 90, p.84-86, a Review


An Investigation of RB 53:1-15 and some thoughts on its implications for today, Tjurunga, Vol. 88, 2016, p.23-35.


Rosendo Salvado and Ecumenical Relationships: The Reverend Douglas Boutflower’s 1872 Visit to New Norcia, New Norcia Studies, Number 22, p.44-52.


In Search of Salvado Marking the Bicentenary of Rosendo Salvado, founder of the Benedictine Community of New Norcia, Western Australia, Tjurunga, Number 84, July 2014, p.91-97

Rosendo Salvado Bicentenary Booklet, March 2014


Grace and Grumbling, With Reference to the Rule of St Benedict’ in Immense, Unfathomed, Unconfined, the grace of God creation, church and community, essays in honour of Norman Young, UAP, 2013, p.309-321.


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‘A Bridge between the Sanctuary and the World: reflections on the ministry in Australia as a profession’ Trinity Occasional Papers, Vol XV, No 1, June 1996, p.96-107.


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