5 Tips for Effective Online Study

5 tips for studying online 

With Victoria in and out of lockdowns for 2020 and 2021, studying courses and degrees look radically different from what they used to.  

Pilgrim Theological College has successfully transitioned to online learning, and then back out of online learning. With week one learning running exclusively online, here are 5 tips to help you study in an online setting. 


 1. Keep your camera on

It can be incredibly tempting to just turn your camera off while in a zoom meeting and scroll on your phone. Keeping your camera on means that you have to at least pay some attention to what’s going on – plus it means you need to get out of your PJ’s (at least from the waist up!) which can lead to you feeling more like your normal self.  


 2. Have a schedule

During lockdowns, time can get a little fuzzy, as our usual routines and systems are disrupted. Setting a schedule for yourself, with classes and study times clearly set out. This can not only help you be more productive with your study but also makes it easier to keep on top of things like due dates, exercise, and other lifestyle elements. 


 3. Be realistic

In the first lockdown lots of us were tempted to try and radically improve ourselves – but we’re now on our fifth lockdown and most people are feeling the strain. Aiming to get up every morning and workout at 5.30am or to get entire assignments done in one day may be tempting, but keeping goals realistic is important to ensure that you don’t feel disheartened.  


 4. Keep in contact with others

Plan study sessions, catch ups with your teacher or lunches with fellow students. Social events tend to go down the drain during lockdown since we can’t go anywhere, but continuing to feel connected to students and teachers is crucial to your life at Pilgrim. Making it a part of your everyday life can help you get through the lockdown with less stress. 


 5. Consider brushing up on your study skills

In times where we’re already stressed, feeling like you’re not up to date with your study skills can make it worse. Getting references mixed up, using the wrong resources, or over-explaining instead of analyzing can be incredibly frustrating when we’re already under pressure.

There are heaps of online help pages, and here at Pilgrim, we have Academic Skills Training with Kerrie Handasyde is running throughout Semester Two. 


Whether you’re wanting to learn online, in person, or as blended learning, at the moment our options are limited to whatever the latest restrictions are. Here at Pilgrim, we’re happy to help however we can. If you need to talk to someone about your options, contact study@pilgrim.edu.au .