3 Intensives You Can Still Enrol in for Semester 2

Enrolment is at the end of this week, and even if you can’t commit to a weekly subject, there are plenty of other options. 
Don’t worry! You can still register for credit or to audit these three intensives: 
Whether you got delayed because of the ever changing COVID 19 situation, or struggle to fit weekly classes into your lifestyle, these intensives offer some great options across a range of topics for both credit and for general education. 

Contact our registrar at study@pilgrim.edu.au to enrol for credit or to audit any of these subjects.


Doctrine, Truth and Pluralism 

July 30, August 6,13, September 10, 17

This subject is perfect for UCA ministers, postgraduate students and those looking to explore “big issues” in the church. 

Students in this unit have the opportunity to explore the beliefs held and taught by the church, and how those beliefs can act as a dynamic resource for shaping the church, the church’s collective imagination, and embedding Christianity’s truth claims in the practices which emerge from that imagination. Doctrine itself and how it relates to hermeneutics, contextual theology and denominational diversity is also studied.


Taught by Rev. Dr. Geoff Thompson, this topic is sure to engage both the theologically advanced and those who want to explore their personal faiths.


Foundations for Religious Education 

November 5, 12, 19, 26

If you’ve ever wondered about religious education being taught about in Australian communities, this is the class for you! Discuss and discover what R.E. means in a contemporary Australia, what it means to be a religious educator and why religious education matters.  This unit will draw on principles of curriculum planning and current documentation, and will allow you to plan a unit of work or study activity for a small group.

Taught by Dr. Amanda Burritt, this is an intensive that will help you as an educator or facilitator truly communicate with your chosen audience.


The Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Children 

November 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, December 1

Elizabeth Barnett is taking this intensive, which promises to be a fascinating subject.

Perfect for those involved in multi-generational church, Sunday School, Religious Education or even just raising children, this intensive explores the historical and current interest in the spiritual life and spiritual development of children, and examines links between Scripture, theological thought, spiritual and psychological development, neurobiology and ministry with children.

If you work, volunteer, or engage with children in a religious or spiritual setting, this intensive could be perfect for you!


It’s always a good time to further develop your faith or understanding of the Church and Bible. Enrol now by emailing study@pilgrim.edu.au and start exploring your options today!