2018 New Subjects

In 2018 we are excited to introduce a number of new units exploring the humanities, biblical studies and Christian thought and history. We explore art, the medium of film, the interpretation of Isaiah, the meanings attributed to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in early Christian texts, the history of Protestantism through the lens of religious literature and music,  and questions of sex, sexuality and gender from a doctrinal perspective. Read more about these theological units below and also explore our 2018 handbook.

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Hermeneutics is the theory and methodology of interpretation, especially the interpretation of biblical and other texts. In 2018 we explore hermeneutics from a philosophical perspective, and the think about how this relates to theological issues in the interpretation of biblical and other texts. The unit also addresses modern developments, considering Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Heidegger, Gadamer and Ricouer, and the contributions of structuralists, poststructuralists and others.

Art of Belief

Explore the symbolic world of European and Australian art (including work by Aboriginal artists) to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the representation of selected key aspects of Christian belief.

Watching for God

Explore philosophical, theological, and biblical issues, as well as aspects of spirituality and cultural hermeneutics through exposure to the medium of film. The course will introduce some of the key tools appropriate to the interpretation of visual representation, drawing on insights from film studies.

Biblical Studies

Reading and Interpreting Isaiah

Explore Isaiah the prophet, the cultural and historical settings of the various parts of Isaiah, the book as a whole, and its theology. Learn about the diverse genres of literature within the book, its theological themes, and its interpretation by engaging in exegesis and critical analysis of select texts from the three parts of Isaiah.

Cross and Resurrection in Early Christianity

Explore the meanings attributed to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a variety of texts from the early Christian movement.

Biblical Theology of Mission

Explore the biblical witness to the centrality of mission for Christian theology and discipleship. Moving beyond traditional appeals to texts which command missionary activity, the course will help the student understand how the theological and hermeneutical issues related to mission are explored in the canonical texts.

Christian thought and history

Reason and Revival

Explore the history of Protestantism in the eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries through the lens of religious literature and music. Using a wide variety of texts including poetry, novels, hymns and songs, drama and memoirs, explore trends in the development of Protestant belief and spirituality around the world, with a special emphasis on the Australian experience.

Sex, Gender and Christian Doctrine

Explore the questions of sex, sexuality and gender from an explicitly doctrinal perspective. It will explore the way various doctrinal loci shape specifi cally Christian understandings of sex, sexuality and gender. It will do so by an intentional dialogue, often neglected in ecclesial discussions of these issues, between biblical exegesis, hermeneutics and doctrine.

Christianity’s Big Ideas

Explore Christianity’s doctrinal tradition, both generally and specifically, including general overview of the relationships between faith, belief, theology, confessions, creeds, doctrine and the disciplines of systematic theology. Specifically, explore the doctrines of God, creation, humanity, Jesus Christ, salvation, church and hope.

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