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It’s time to enrol for Semester 2 2019: July 29 – November 1

Looking for study options online or on campus? Interested in an intensive block or a weekly class?
Curious to explore a theological degree or enrol for a specific unit? Keen to pursue post graduate theological research?

Welcome to Pilgrim Theological College, a community of learning and formation for people exploring the journey of faith, or wanting to deepen reflection and respond to new challenges. We are currently taking enrolments for Semester 2 2019 which runs from July 29 to November 1 2019. Start a degree or choose from a wide range of units relevant to anyone interested in interpreting world topics through a theological lens. The 2019 Course Brochure is here and the 2019 timetable, with links to the full subject descriptions, is hereFor advice regarding courses please contact our Registrar.

Pilgrim Theological College one of the colleges that form the University of Divinity in the Australian cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Our courses offer a community of learning, formation and discipleship. We are inspired by the richness and strength of theological education across the traditions of the Uniting Church and the commitment to ecumenical theology and formation that characterised our predecessor institution, the United Faculty of Theology.

We offer evening, day and online classes, through the semester and intensive subjects structured for shorter periods. Students and faculty enjoy the resources of the Dalton McCaughey Library – a rich and broad collection of rare and up-to-the-moment material that together make one of the greatest theological libraries in the southern hemisphere. We encourage you to continue conversations between lectures over a coffee in our light-filled main building. Together we are pursuing the highest standards of scholarship in theology, philosophy and ministry so as to engage deeply with contemporary questions and respond to them well.

Come join us today.

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A pilgrim: one who journeys to a sacred place

What sort of students study at Pilgrim?

A strength of Pilgrim is the diversity of students across a wide range of ages, professional and personal experiences. Some students want to explore theology as part of enhancing their understanding of literature, art and film or as a unit in a more general degree.  Others, particularly in the health field, are keen to look at faith aspects of pastoral care. Many wish to deepen their personal experience of faith or have been called to lay or ordained ministry.  In a world where social media and blogging has changed the meaning of truth, some students are keen to delve into the meaning of leadership and authenticity.  Lots just love the opportunity to learn and debate complex issues.  And of course, our units qualify you towards your degree.

What sort of people teach at Pilgrim?

Pilgrim’s academic staff are keen teachers who enjoy learning from the interaction of the classroom. They are a strong and vibrant team whose expertise is recognised internationally as well as locally. They publish scholarly books and articles on the material they are exploring, and speak regularly at conferences, professional workshops and community gatherings.

Their focus is on making sure students feel comfortable in their learning environment and confident to ask for assistance about aspects of their study.  Whether online or on campus, the emphasis is on interaction that advances each student’s successful outcome. Our staff are committed to making theology accessible to the world they live in, and are active on social media and their own blogs.


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