Research Profile: Geoff Thompson

Research Interests

Geoff’s research has focused on Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, the functions of doctrine in the church, the relationship between practical and systematic theology, the theology of the Uniting Church (especially the Basis of Union). Current and future research is focused on the relationship between Christology and Discipleship and the theological significance of secular or non-Christian appropriations of, or responses to, the Christian narrative.

Research Supervision

Geoff invites research proposals on the study of doctrine or particular doctrines, especially their articulation in a post-Christendom pluralist milieu. Studies on Karl Barth, the Basis of Union, and contemporary ecclesiologies will also be welcomed.

He is currently Associate Supervisor for:

“A People On the Way: An Exploration of Episkopé in the Uniting Church in Australia”, PhD University of Divinity

He has successfully supervised the following postgraduate degrees:

“Augustine, Inspiration, Perfection: A Stumbling block to the Dialogue Between Theology and Science”, PhD Griffith University (2008).

“Joint and Mutual Covenantal Priesthood: A Narrative of Community for Australian Baptist Churches”, PhD University of Queensland (2013).

“Barth and Mozart: Why the Affinity?”, MPhil, University of Queensland (2013).

He has acted as Associate Supervisor for the following:

“Faaloalo: A Theological Reinterpretation of the Doctrine of the Trinity from a Samoan Perspective”, PhD Griffith University (2006)

“A New Way to Live: The challenge of St.Paul’s ‘New Way of the Spirit’ to the ethics of Australian Presbyterians”, PhD University of Queensland. (2013)

Recent Publications (2012-2014)

“Jesus, God and Atheism: Sharing a cultural space for conversation between faith and unbelief”, Uniting Church Studies 18:2 (2012), 15-28.

“The Doctrines of Practical Theology and the Practice of Doctrine: Systematic Theology and Practical Theology in Dialogue”, Pacifica 26:1 (2012), 17-36.

“Not quite unconfined: Rahner and Barth halt at apokatastasis Sean Winter (ed), Immense, Unfathomed, Unconfined: The grace of God in Creation, Church and Community (Melbourne: Uniting Academic Press, 2013), 108-122.

“Guest Editorial” Theology 116:3 (2013), 161-162.

“The Church’s Ministry of Scholarship: Its Basis and Functions” in William Emilsen (ed), An Informed Faith: The Uniting Church at the Beginning of the 21st Century (Melbourne: Mosaic Press, 2014), 69-86.

For a complete list of publications download the .pdf here.

Research Profile

For more information see Geoff’s profile here and more details at the University of Divinity Research Repository.