Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017
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Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017
In August and September, Pilgrim is hosting three international lecturers. Dr Sathianathan Clarke, Dr M Shawn Copeland and Dr Amos Yong will speak on a variety of theological topics at the CTM. Further details Flyers The JD Northey Lecture – Clarke:  Christian Witness in an Age of  Violent Competing Fundamentalisms  Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith  With All Due Respect: Theology, Feminism, and Conflict  Disability, Theology & the Church
This course seeks to cultivate missional presence in the world that is passionately Christian as well as compassionately interfaith and is taught by Pilgrim Theological College Guest Lecturer Dr Sathianathan Clarke. Students can complete this intensive for academic credit or audit. More information Enrol by 22 August 2017