A pilgrim: one who journeys to a sacred place

It is a privilege to introduce you to Pilgrim Theological College, a community of learning and formation for pilgrims seeking to explore and learn on the journey of faith.

The establishment of the College is an act of faithfulness and discipleship honouring the teaching ministry that has been embraced by the Uniting Church Theological College and its predecessors for decades past.

Pilgrim, located within and working under the auspices of the Centre for Theology & Ministry, has been welcomed as a College of the University of Divinity. The Uniting Church together with the Society of Jesus continues to celebrate and support the significant Dalton McCaughey Library.

The College is an enacted vision that declares that all the people of God are invited into deep reflection and learning about faith and discipleship.

It is an acclamation of the richness and strength of theological education across the traditions of the Uniting Church and inherits the commitment to ecumenical theology and formation from the United Faculty of Theology.

You are invited to join this community of learning, formation and discipleship.

Please join us in praying for Pilgrim Theological College and all those who explore its rich tapestry of theological education. We ask you to support its vision for an equipped people of God, resourced and ready to play their part in the unfolding of a reconciled and compassionate world.

Rev Dr Jennifer Byrnes
Head of College